The way out is through the door. Why is it that no one will use this method?” ~ Confucius

By Catherine Austin Fitts

For many years, the Solari Report has published themes in our quarterly and annual Wrap Ups chosen to communicate primary trends—those long-lived trends that will define our lives and economy for years to come.

By far the most important trend we have covered is the push for central control. The financial coup d’état and reengineering of the financial system is an integral part of this push for central control, which has now blossomed into a full-blown global coup.

Our recent efforts include the publication of The State of Our Currencies in 2019, followed by our publication of John Titus’s presentations on the Going Direct Reset in the 2020 Annual Wrap Up and on CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) in the 2nd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up. These Wrap Ups mapped out the nuts and bolts of the global currency wars and the reset the central bankers are engineering to move to extraordinary central control.

With those pieces published, along with a 1st Quarter 2021 Wrap Up theme of Taking Action to support your efforts to free yourselves and those around you from central control, we turned to the 3rd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up. There were two elements of the financial transaction control grid that still needed to be addressed.

The first was vaccine passports. Introduced under the pretext of concern for health, vaccine passports are an integral part of creating a digital control grid and “digital concentration camps.” Think of them as “Meta Mandates.” Once you are on a vaccine passport system, a tsunami of mandates for health, finance, and other aspects of control can be implemented. In combination with CBDCs, this is intended to give the central banks complete digital control over the most intimate aspects of your life. Vaccine passports represent the irrevocable descent into high-tech slavery.

To help you understand vaccine passports and how they relate to the financial industry and tech industry, I turned to Corey Lynn of Corey’s Digs. Corey researched and wrote a powerful four-part series: “Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Series.” Due to its length, we are publishing this series as a booklet separate from the main body of the 3rd Quarter 2021 Wrap Up.

The second topic that needs to be addressed is taxation. Before CBDCs are implemented, can we take action to stop our taxes from being used in an unlawful, illegal, or criminal manner? If vaccine passports and CBDCs both go into effect, we will experience taxation without representation. Indeed, the World Economic Forum has predicted that by 2030, we will have no assets.

Our general counsel Carolyn Betts flew to the Netherlands this summer so that we could collaborate on an overview of the U.S. federal taxation system and possible actions that state and local government officials as well as taxpayers and citizens could take. The result is “U.S. Taxation: With or Without Representation? Who Will Take Actions and What Actions Can They Take?”

Organizing an effort to return our taxes to lawful use and hold responsible the banks and corporate contractors that have run the system on an illegal basis is no simple task. However, if we want to make real change, we must address the corruption in the tax system and government financial management.

The U.S. federal tax system represents one of approximately 190 national taxation systems globally. It is arguably the most important, as it backstops the global reserve currency, but it is far from the only one. Consequently, I hope that this piece on the U.S. system will help subscribers and audiences in other national jurisdictions ask the same questions for various and differing systems—and go to work on real change as well.

Our web presentation, including my video discussion with co-author Carolyn Betts, is open to the public in the hope that it will help you engage with attorneys, bankers, state and local officials, and other people who can help you design and discuss solutions.

In summary, there are two things we must do in 2022.

The first is that we must stop the vaccine passports. Start by refusing to comply. No one ever stopped tyranny by complying.

The second is that we must stop financing government operations that are operating outside of the law, including the financial management laws, by returning our taxes to lawful financial management.

A daunting task? Yes. Impossible? No. So let’s go to work. To quote Wim Hof, our Hero of the Year for 2021, “You are stronger than you think you are!”

December 31, 2021
Beatenberg, Switzerland