Part I includes our stories for our first two categories: Economy & Financial Markets and Geopolitics. Headlines have been placed in the table below associating each headline to the relevant stories in Part I and Part II by story number. Scroll down below the first ten questions to access the table of headlines.


It’s very hard, at this point, to talk about economics because if you are moving to a technocracy and transhumanism, everything is politics. There are no markets.
~ Catherine Austin Fitts

Story #1: The Going Direct Reset

Bearing in mind the groundwork laid by taking the Harvard Endowment dark in early 2017 and the U.S. government dark (via FASAB 56) in October 2018, what is most important to understand about the G7 central bankers’ August 2019 vote for the “Going Direct Reset” is that it is an intentional takedown—not a “downturn” or a “collapse.” Central bankers—and money managers like BlackRock and Vanguard—are fully aware that their actions are destroying millions of farms and businesses, crippling supply chains, and facilitating a disaster capitalist global shopping spree. Disaster capitalism, vaccine passports, central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), and universal basic income are all part of herding populations into a financial trap. Read John Titus’s “Going Direct Reset” (summary and Wrap Up) and Corey Lynn’s four-part series about vaccine passports and digital identities—these Solari materials will help you understand why central bankers are going around making bizarre speeches about vaccinating the entire planet.

Unanswered Question #1: Missing Money – Where did Mr. Global invest the $21 trillion (DOD and HUD), the $24+ trillion (bailouts), now up to $96 trillion adjustments and QE and where is Going Direct central bank and fiscal stimulus going? How important were Afghanistan and the Middle East army operations to laundering the missing money after 9/11 and then the financial crisis? Is Covid-19 engineering deflation to help manage inflation from monetary policy? How?

  • There is evidence that Afghanistan’s central bank played a money-laundering role post-9/11 (as suggested by Julian Assange over a decade ago). Did the U.S. military intentionally let people get killed during its 2021 exit from Afghanistan to liquidate witnesses?

Unanswered Question #2: FASAB 56 – How important is FASAB 56 to what is happening? How important is the increased secrecy for the central bank members and shareholders and other major investors? How does this relate to the recent updates on the Missing Money? How does it relate to the cash pouring into SPACs, private equity firms, and on into land and real estate? How does it relate to the end of government sovereignty and shift to a corporate model?

  • FASAB 56 (secret books) and the Going Direct Reset (greater control) lessen the need for “traditional” money-laundering mechanisms.
  • Secret books extend to federal contractors—making it easier to put banks, corporations, and mercenaries in operational control.

Story #2: The Slow Burn, Financial Coup d’Etat, and WWIII

The financial coup has morphed into a full-on governance coup—and a new kind of world war—with central banks taking over fiscal as well as monetary policy. Former central and big bankers now occupy key government positions all over the world—including U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen (former Fed chair), Italian prime minister Mario Draghi (former European Central Bank president), and UK health minister Sajid Javid (formerly with Deutsche Bank and Chase Manhattan). Mr. Global also appears to be migrating U.S. military and bureaucratic functions beyond the reach of the electorate. In thinking about steps we can take toward real solutions, let’s heed Archbishop Viganò’s November call to “identify those responsible” and reject “the infernal yoke of tyranny.”

Story #3: BIS, CBDC, Cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins, Non-Fungible Tokens, and the Push for Digital Financial Control

Despite clear warning signs, cryptocurrency and Bitcoin enthusiasts still do not seem to understand that cryptocurrencies are a highly political market that regulators can control or shut down “just like that” if they choose to do so. Observers point out that Bitcoin can only process seven transactions per second, yet Bitcoin’s energy consumption rivals that of leading industrialized nations like Germany and Switzerland. In comparison, estimates of Visa’s transaction speed range from 7,000–24,000 per second (one report claims 65,000), while China claims an eventual 300,000+ for its CBDC. A far better opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors than Bitcoin is to invest in the people flooding out of their current jobs because of vaccine mandates—if we can redeploy those people into productive functions, we’ll have an army ready to build a human civilization.

Story #4: The Smart Grid and “Climate Change”

In the name of “sustainability,” leaders in both the U.S. and Europe have been steering energy policies in the direction of more economic and energy insecurity. Consider the Biden administration’s downsizing of domestic energy supplies, or former German prime minister Merkel’s shutting down of Germany’s nuclear power plants, or the Netherlands’ willingness to impact its famed fishing industry with wind farms primarily serving large tech companies. These measures do not make sense without covert agendas of central control and perhaps depopulation. (See the Solari-recommended documentary Headwind”21 for more insights on the “green energy” industry.) In any case, in an environment that increasingly resembles the upside-down economics depicted in Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, we would all be wise to expect more power outages, supply chain interruptions, and economic implosion—and make ourselves as resilient as possible.

Unanswered Question #3: The Climate Change Op – Can the Covid-19 to Climate Change bait-and-switch really work? How will this dovetail with the changes in global taxes and the push to control real estate and land? Why has Biden appointed a climate change czar who has the carbon footprint of a Panzer division? Why have they chosen carbon for the control unit? When will the general public begin to realize the dangers of all retail transactions being on an electrical control grid? When will the energy cost of crypto and blockchain systems as well as F-35 and military activities become widely appreciated?

  • One of the best ways to tell that “climate change” is a cover story is to look at what the story ignores—for example, energy hogs like F-35s, cryptocurrency, and John Kerry’s beachfront homes and private jets.

Story #5: Sovereignty, Property Rights, and Taxation: The Rubber Meets the Road

The assault on government sovereignty—whether informational, financial, or operational—is now well underway. Mr. Global’s next step is to go after individual sovereignty with “vaccine passports” and CBDCs. If we let this agenda become reality, taxation without representation will be where “the rubber meets the road.” As citizens, we are responsible for making sure that our tax dollars are spent lawfully and productively. Fortunately, many hardworking people have begun connecting the dots between finance and governance, and are pushing back against criminal uses of their tax dollars. It pays to learn how the money works in your area (see Solari’s “Unpacking Your Financial Ecosystem”); unpacking the money locally can provide political leverage.

Unanswered Question #4: Reengineering of U.S. Government and Global Taxation and Military – How will the U.S. government and central bank be engineered after FASAB-56, the 2020-21 ops and elections, and the JEDI contract are in place? Is the Plunge Protection Team being reengineered or privatized? How critical are the use of major clouds for economic warfare to the takeover of business and market share by banks and private equity firms? How does the G7 Agreement on Global Taxation fit in? How does the debasement of the U.S. brand fit in?

  • There are hints that federal government functions may be exiting Washington, DC. Is Denver (with Colorado’s history of involvement with the black budget and secret space program) the destination?
  • Is the discussion of moving the Nasdaq exchange to Texas related to this reengineering?

Unanswered Question #5: Land and Real Estate – What will happen to land and real estate as a result of changes underway? What about the existing energy model? Will energy delivered by wireless technology at low cost be implemented soon? What does the purchase of whole neighborhoods and single-family residential developments, including by BlackRock, signal?

  • Both Covid and “climate change” are facilitating Mr. Global’s efforts to dispossess the middle class and farmers of land and real estate.
  • Getting rid of independent farmers (and the restaurants that help keep those farmers in business) tightens central control over the food supply.

Unanswered Question #6: Economic and Legal Uncertainties – Whither the U.S. dollar as reserve currency? What is the disaster capitalism ahead? Are we facing significant inflation? Can equity markets continue to go up? Are there any jurisdictions that will respect personal assets and property rights? Will IRAs, 401(k)s, superannuation, and other retirement plans be respected? How far will mandates and social credit go?

  • To a significant extent, the Covid narrative is collapsing. Does Mr. Global have bioweapons, chemical weapons, and other forms of poisoning up his sleeve (with more tests and injections) to keep the Great Poisoning and the Covid Narrative going?


Story #6: The Rise of Global Control and U.S. Decline: Could the U.S. Break Up?

A break-up of the U.S. seems increasingly possible, as the federal government continues to break the law, and some governors step up to enforce it. Polls show that large percentages of Americans (of all political stripes) favor secession. Admittedly, people have lost faith in federal institutions for good reason, but most of those endorsing secession have little idea of what it would really mean or where things could end up. They are not thinking about the fact that Mr. Global would still control the satellites and invisible weaponry, nor that central bankers and their corporate contractors would appreciate an excuse to abrogate liabilities like Social Security and government pensions and blame it on the people. So, rather than help destroy the federal government, let’s take it back. If we want to have individual sovereignty, we need a sovereign government.

Story #7: The South China Sea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the Rise of Chinese Hegemony in Asia and Realignments in Europe

Warmongering is a surefire way to distract a population from domestic troubles. Were China’s 35 flyovers in Taiwanese airspace a diversion from the nation’s demographic and financial problems (e.g., Evergrande), or did the Biden administration make a deal with China to give them Taiwan and Hong Kong? Is that why the American military made no response to the flyovers? If China achieves control over the South China Sea lanes, it’s likely Japan will “beef up” its military (including nuclear and space deterrents) and further consolidate its relationship with Russia.

Unanswered Question #7: U.S. Military Mandates – Is the U.S. command structure attempting to destroy the U.S. military?

  • Military strength is as much about cultural cohesion as military hardware—and whether one considers the Covid injection mandates, “woke” requirements, the disastrous handling of the exit from Afghanistan, or record-setting military and veteran suicide rates, the U.S. military is clearly being undermined from within.

Unanswered Question #8: China, the Quad, Space, and the Risks of War – Will India start a war with Pakistan? When will China invade Taiwan? Will the U.S. and China go to war, or separate the Internet and financial markets? Are China and the U.S. pitted in a win-lose position in the orbital platform and space race? What about Russia? How far might other countries’ conquests go once it becomes clear the U.S. will no longer play global cop? What is the emergence of the Quad?

  • With more and more “hot spots” globally, many national leaders are escalating their military spending rather than investing in more productive activities.

Unanswered Question #9: Cui Bono Afghanistan? – Who and what is the new control mechanism controlling Afghanistan (with our generous armaments), including the poppy fields, the natural resources, and the revived pipeline, now that the U.S. Army has pulled out? Are corporate mercenaries in charge? Who was set up to be killed in the withdrawal and why? Who is the Taliban’s banker? Why are unvetted Afghanis being brought back to the U.S. by the military? Was Assange right that Afghanistan and the Afghani central bank played a critical role in “washing” missing money from the U.S. and G7 nations? How dramatic will the impact be of Chinese investment in Afghanistan under the new regime (whoever it is)? Why do the old media keep trying to sell the story that the U.S. Army and military (annual overt budget of $750 billion) are repeatedly beaten by “men in sandals”?

  • Are corporate mercenaries now ensuring Western access to Afghanistan’s poppy crops and natural resources?

Story #8: A Changing Middle East: Netanyahu Out, U.S. Out, and Corporate, Chinese, and Russian Investment In

Though Netanyahu is out of office, it would not be surprising if he received significant kickbacks from Pfizer to orchestrate Israel’s Covid injection holocaust. (It does not look like Israeli leaders consider Jews “the chosen people.”) Meanwhile, Iran continues to denounce Israel for waging covert war against its nuclear facilities. In September, Iran joined China, Russia, India, Pakistan, and several Central Asian states as a full member of the Shanghai Pact—a Eurasian political, economic, and security alliance whose membership accounts for about one-third of the world’s land. This puts Iran in a good position vis-à-vis both China and Russia, and in the “catbird seat” for the Silk Road’s southern route.

Story #9: The Brutality of the Commonwealth Lockdowns, AUKUS, and the Relationship to Antarctica

It’s difficult to understand the brutality of the lockdowns in Australia. Once famed as the “lucky country”—with an enviable culture that would be terrible to lose—Australia is the size of the U.S. but with a higher per capita income and a population of only 25 million. The country’s dark times started just before Covid, with record-setting fires beginning in 2019 that looked like nothing so much as an engineered effort (similar to what happened in Northern California) to clear people out. Is someone trying to create a bolt-hole in the Southern Hemisphere? Or do the lockdowns have something to do with Australia’s entry into the trilateral AUKUS pact, widely interpreted as Aussie leaders choosing Washington and London over Beijing? Does AUKUS represent an effort to keep China out of Antarctica?

Unanswered Question #10: Anglosphere Down Under and Fortress Australia – Why have the Australian and New Zealand lockdowns been so brutal? What does it have to do with Pine Gap and Antarctica? What is the meaning of AUKUS?

  • Australia’s Covid lockdowns could be a beta test to work out a strategy for dealing with the U.S. Australians don’t have guns, however, and Americans do.

Story #10: Big $ Packages: $650 Billion SDRs, $21 Trillion Missing Money, $96 Trillion Adjustments, $3.5 Trillion Going Direct, Skyrocketing Repos/Derivatives, $3.5 Trillion “Build Back Better,” Dark Pools, FASAB 56, and the Management of Inflation/Deflation

The allocation of the equivalent of $650 billion in IMF Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) in August (the largest SDR allocation in the IMF’s history) looks like a not-very-subtle effort to buy everyone into the digital identity control system. When Belarus president Lukashenko courageously refused the IMF’s offer of nearly a billion dollars, he described it as a bribe predicated on crashing his country’s economy and imposing “extreme” lockdowns and curfews. Unfortunately, all of the big money being “thrown around” suggests that we could see mercenaries or foreign military pulled in to enforce a police state wherever local law enforcement refuses to cooperate. On the bright side, the forced resignation of the New South Wales Premier for alleged Big Pharma kickbacks is a sign that some powerful players may have had enough.

Unanswered Question #11: Historical Plague Laws and the Sweep of History – What is Mr. Global going to do next with the Covid-19 pandemic? There appears to be a 100-year cycle of plagues and plague laws used to centralize capital—is it tied to currency or other cycles? Given the level of simulated reality we are experiencing in the current pandemic, how do we know that anything in the history books is true?

  • Reading the chapter on plague laws in Michael Pye’s book, The Edge of the World—and considering the apparent 100-year cycle that uses plagues and plague laws to engineer centralization and transition the reserve currency—is like reading a blueprint for current events. See Venice’s monetary history for more clues on the historical manipulation of plagues for financiers’ benefit.

Unanswered Question #12: Who is Mr. Global? – What is the governance structure on Planet Earth, and what are the risk issues that are driving Mr. Global’s actions? Which is stranger—what is going on behind the veil of secrecy, or the overwhelming effort to pretend it is not going on and to create an official reality diverging steadily from reality? Given the tsunami of occult and demonic practices and symbols, how concerned should we be about the interaction between AI and interdimensional intelligence? Is Earth an open or closed society? Is the breakaway civilization breaking back in? Or are we becoming part of an intergalactic legal and financial structure? Why is Mr. Global committed to transitioning a human slavery system? Is Mr. Global preparing against a hostile or friendly invasion? Or serious geophysical risks?

  • The planet has had a secret governance problem for a long time. Although we may not know who Mr. Global is, it seems clear that the parties include a breakaway civilization (whether Nazi International or the black budget contingent) that may now be “breaking back in.”
  • It also looks like Earth has an open economy. Is the leadership class—including the central bankers—getting its “marching orders” from somewhere “higher up”? (Make sure to check out Catherine’s Solari Report with Dr. Farrell on “Who Is Mr. Global?” from November 2021.)
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2021-08-186Julian Assange speaking in 2011: "The goal is to use Afghanistan to wash money out of the tax bases of the US and EuropeTwitterGeopoliticsJulian Assange, Afghanistan, Missing Trillions, Endless WarTweet2021-08-19
2021-07-156Allied Joint Force Command Norfolk declares Full Operational CapabilityNATO OTANGeopoliticsNato, Operational Commend,Article2021-07-25
2021-07-146Covid: Spain's top court rules lockdown unconstitutionalBBC NewsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Spain, Lockdowns, UnconstitutionalArticle2021-07-21
2021-06-016Biden Ends Trump-Era 'Remain in Mexico'PolicyThe Washington Free BeaconGeopoliticsCultureBiden, Immigration, Remain in MexicoArticle2021-07-20
2021-07-286Senate Conservatives Fund Newsletter-Nov 3rd CommissionSenate Conservatives Fund NewsletterGeopoliticsUnanswered QuestionsJan 6th, Insurrection, Domestic Terrorism, Political PrisonerArticle2021-07-28
2021-09-026The Covidian Cult (Part III)Consent FactoryGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthNew Normal, Global Totalitarianism, War on PopulismArticle2021-09-19
2021-09-016Army Flight Surgeon Urges Pentagon To Ground Pilots Who Took COVID InjectionThe Sun CoastGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthArmy, Flight Surgeon, Pentagon, Pilots, Covid, Vaccines, Blood ClotsArticle2021-09-30
2021-09-277Ford Fortifies EV Bet With Four New Factories in Tennessee and KentuckyWall Street JournalEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsFord, Car Factory, Tennesse, KentuckyArticle2021-09-29
2021-09-207SPD in pole position as German campaign enters final weekPoliticoGeopoliticsGermany, Elections, Merkel, Polling Article2021-09-22
2021-09-067German ambassador to China dies only days after appointmentPoliticoEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsGerman Ambassador, China, SDSArticle2021-09-07
2021-09-017China's new ambassador to the U.S. goes full wolf in first major speechPoliticoGeopoliticsChina, Ambassador, US, BidenArticle2021-09-10
2021-08-117Shanghai bans primary school final exams for the subject of English amid education reform driveSouth China Morning PostGeopoliticsChina, English, Education, Barring EnglishArticle2021-09-09
2021-07-297Didi Global Considers Going Private to Placate China and Compensate InvestorsThe Wall Street JournalEconomy & Financial MarketsChina, Trading, DiDi Global, IPO, Going PrivateArticle2021-07-29
2021-07-287U.S. Mega Banks Were Sitting on $6.56 Billion of Chinese Education Stocks that China Just EvisceratedWall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsChina, Mega Banks, Education StocksArticle2021-07-28
2021-07-267China Is Building A Second Nuclear Missile Silo FieldFASGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyChina, Nuclear Missles,Article2021-07-30
2021-07-257'Positive Trade' EuropeLinktr.eeEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsEU, Global Trade, Discrimatory Actions, PushbackArticle2021-08-08
2021-07-197Mapped: The Top Trading Partner of Every U.S. StateVisual CapitalistEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsUS States, Global partner,Article2021-07-23
2021-07-157After Didi Fiasco, China Imposes Cybersecurity Reviews on Foreign IPOsLawfareGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyChina, Trading, DiDi Global, CybersecurityArticle2021-07-20
2021-09-272 ,7China’s Fortune Cookie Crumbles : Michael Hudson and Renegade Inc.The SakerEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsChina, Renegade, Hudson, SorosArticle2021-09-29
2021-09-278Iran’s SCO promotion & the rise of a new world order: ReportThe SakerGeopoliticsSCO, Iran, China, Multi-Polar WorldArticle2021-09-29
2021-09-258Russian Federation - Minister of Foreign Affairs Addresses United Nations General Debate (EN)YouTubeEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsRussia, Global Tensions, UN, UNGAVideo2021-09-27
2021-09-238'Don't try your luck'| Russian FM says Russia will not join NATORT-YoutubeGeopoliticsRussia, EU, NATOVideo2021-09-24
2021-09-188Iran -New Member of the Shanghai Cooperation OrganizationThe SakerGeopoliticsSCO, Iran, China, Multi-Polar World, Article2021-09-23
2021-09-058G7 Foreign Ministers to Invite Russia, China to Meeting on AfghanistanTasnim News agencyGeopoliticsG7, Russia, China, AfghanistanArticle2021-09-10
2021-08-308Taliban greenlight construction of trans-Afghan gas pipelineVoltaire NetEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsAfghanistan, Taliban, PiplineArticle2021-09-10
2021-07-248US, EU, NATO release joint statement urging halt in fighting in AfghanistanMintGeopoliticsAfghanistan, US, EU, End FightingArticle2021-07-25
2021-09-168, 16TASS: Brics Nations Sign Satellite Data Sharing AgreementGiza Death StarGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyBRICS, Global Satellites, Data SharingArticle2021-09-16
2021-09-099New Statutory Holiday on Sept 30, National Day for Truth and ReconciliationBCreaEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsCanada, Banking, Bank Holiday, Truth & ReconciliationArticle2021-09-30
2021-09-169Paris and Brussels reel from Australia's defence dealFTEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsFrance, Australia, Defense Deal, Ambassador WalkoutArticle2021-09-18
2021-09-149Covid: the New World OrderSpector AustraliaGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthAustralia, Covid, Lockdown, BiofascismArticle2021-09-15
2021-07-309Doctors for Covid Ethics Symposium - Day 2Rumble-UK ColumnGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Lockdowns, Masks, Vaccines, PushbackVideo2021-08-01
2021-07-299More than half a million vegans will be exempt if companies introduce compulsory vaccination rules in BritainThe TelegraphGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, Britain, Vegan ExemptionArticle2021-07-30
2021-07-259New Zealand! Dr. Sam Bailey interviews Mary Jane NewmanSolariGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, New Zealand, QuartineArticle2021-07-26
2021-07-179Gemma O'Doherty, Irish Journalist, Threatened w/ Jail, Website Wiped-Ireland, You're Going Soviet, Doing Away With DissidentsOdyseeGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Mandates, Health Care WorkersVideo2021-07-17
2020-10-269Police Commissioner of New South WalesFileGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthAustralia, Covid, Lockdown, Police Officers, PushbackArticle2021-09-26
2020-03-199Queensland introduces legislation to back digital ID from ThalesBiometric Update.comEconomy & Financial MarketsPrecious Metals & CurrenciesGeopoliticsAustralia, Digital ID, Driver's LicensesArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0910Did The Treasury Raid $250 Billion from Government Retirement Accounts (Again)?Schiff GoldEconomy & Financial MarketsPrecious Metals & CurrenciesGeopoliticsUS Treasury, Pensions, Missing MoneyArticle2021-09-13
2021-09-0210"Hit The Pause Button": Manchin Throws Democrats' $3.5 Trillion Plan Into DisarrayZerohedgeEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthInfrastructure Bill, Deficit, Democrats, StallingArticle2021-09-05
2021-08-2410The Congressional Budget Office Is Forecasting U.S. Debt Levels Not Seen Since World War II as GDP Forecasts DimWall Street on ParadeEconomy & Financial MarketsUS Budget, Debt Levels, GDPArticle2021-08-26
2021-08-1510Richard Werner Interview - Covid Measures And The Central Controls Over The EconomyThe Last American VagabondEconomy & Financial MarketsPrecious Metals & CurrenciesGeopoliticsCovid, Central Banks, Debt Markets, EconomyArticle, Video2021-08-19
2021-06-3010House Panel Approves $706.5B Defense Bill For 2022Law 360Economy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsDefense Funding, 2022 BillArticle2021-07-01
2021-09-2211RIP Prof. Angelo CodevillaGiza Death StarGeopoliticsIn MemoryArticle2021-09-24
2021-09-2111 Pope Francis completes Vatican’s submission to satanism by mandating spike protein injections for all visitors and workersNatural NewsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccine mandates, Vatican, Spike ProteinsArticle2021-09-24
2021-09-1511Human ChainTwitterGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, France, PushbackVideo, Tweet2021-09-26
2021-09-0911New Statutory Holiday on Sept 30, National Day for Truth and ReconciliationBcreaEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsCanada, Banking, Bank Holiday, Truth & ReconciliationArticle2021-09-30
2021-08-2711Catherine Austin Fitts Meets Ullrich Mies 'We Will Win!'Blue TigerEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsGeoploitics, Globalism, Organize Crime, Rule of LawArticle, Video2021-08-27
2021-07-2211A look back: The origins of Bohemian Grove campgroundPress DemocratEconomy & Financial MarketsGeopoliticsBohemian Grove, Elite Event,Article2021-07-23
2021-07-2111William Blake: prince of imagination, vision, and faithNo More Fake NewsGeopoliticsCultureImagination, Faith, VisionArticle2021-07-23
2021-07-1511Tucker hosts explosive interview with actor Jon Voight on faithYouTube-FoxGeopoliticsCultureTucker, Voight, Faith, Hollywood, Religious ExperienceVideo2021-07-20
2021-07-0211A map of every church burnt or vandalized since the residential school announcementsTrue NorthGeopoliticsCultureChurch Burnings, Map, War on GodArticle2021-07-05
2021-06-1911A Call for New Culture CreatorsYouTube-Asha LogosGeopoliticsCultureBad Culture, Mind Control, Cultural FoundationVideo2021-07-21
2021-09-0711German priest challenges COVID jabs and LGBT agenda, gets forced out of parishLifesiteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Covid Agenda, German Priest, PushbackArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0411As If Millions Of Hollywood Celebs Suddenly Cried Out In Terror: China Bans "Effeminate Men" From TVZerohedgeGeopoliticsHollywood, China, Banning Effeminate MenArticle2021-09-05
2021-07-0311Vatican hails vaccinations as 'one of the greatest achievements'of modern science in push against vaccine skepticismRTGeopoliticsScience & TechnologySpaceVatican, Vaccinations, Modern Science, Vaccination SkepticismArticle2021-07-07
2021-09-2111, 18Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò- His View on the Pandemic and Crimes Against humanityBitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Pandemic, Vaccines, GenocideVideo2021-09-24
2021-07-3011A Message of Hope and Freedom Robert F. Kennedy,- Jr.Children's Health Defense FundGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Misinformation, Vaccine Deaths, Battle for Humanity, PushbackArticle, Video2021-07-30
2021-07-2811Simone Biles pulls out of Olympics all-around gymnastics final to focus on mental healthThe GuardianGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthOlympic Athletes, Mental Health, Health IssuesArticle2021-07-28
2021-09-2811Tucker Carlson: The cult of coronavirus has become its own religionFox NewsGeopoliticsCultureCovid, Cult, ReligionVideo2021-09-30
2021-09-2812Prime Minister, a Little Less Conversation PleaseThe, Covid, Big Media, Facebook, CensorshipArticle2021-09-30
2021-09-1212The San Juan Declaration and a New MediaRounding the EarthGeopoliticsNew Media, Censorship, VaccinationArticle2021-09-15
2021-09-0612Dave Rubin Interviews Tucker CarlsonThe Conservative TreehouseGeopoliticsTucker Carson, Dave Rubin, Journalism, MediaArticle, Video2021-09-10
2021-08-1312Snopes Suspends Co-Founder For Mass Plagiarism, Staff RevoltsZerohedgeGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthSnopes, Plagiarism,Article2021-08-13
2021-09-1613Mayor demands school board members resign or be charged over outrageously 'disgusting' student materialBPRGeopoliticsOhio, School Board, Child Pornography, Crimnal ChargesArticle2021-09-16
2021-09-1413Hudson mayor demands all school board members resign or face possible criminal charges over high school course material that he said a judge called "child pornography."TwitterGeopoliticsOhio, School Board, Child Pornography, Crimnal ChargesVideo, Tweet2021-09-16
2021-06-2113(TX) Homeschooling Growth Has Exploded - Will It Continue?YouTube - THSCCultureHomeschoolVideo2021-08-09
2021-07-0114Joint interview, Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report and Whitney Webb of Unlimited HangoutRokfinData Beast, Tech, CIA, DOD, Video2021-09-30
2021-09-2214Spinning seeds inspire floating electronics - and monitor the atmosphereYouTubeScience & TechnologySpinning Seeds, Floating Electronics, AtomosphereVideo2021-09-24
2021-09-2214Spinning seeds inspire floating electronics - and monitor the atmosphereYouTubeScience & TechnologySpinning Seeds, Floating Electronics, AtomosphereVideo2021-09-24
2021-09-2014Pressekonferenz: Tod Durch Impfung/Undeklarierte Bestandteiler Der Covid-19-ImpfstoffeBitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Censorship, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Deaths, Vaccine RolloutVideo2021-09-23
2021-08-1214Graphene smart membranes can control waterManchester ACGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthGraphene, Smart Membranes, Controlling WaterArticle2021-08-10
2021-08-0814Do You Have Eyes To See?BitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Wrist Scanners, Mark of the BeastVideo2021-08-12
2021-08-0114Smart Water SummitSmart Water SummitGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthGraphene, Smart Membranes, Controlling WaterArticle2021-08-10
2021-06-2614Birds dying in Indiana and Kentucky remains a mysteryWave 3Science & TechnologyFood & HealthCreepy Tech, Dead BirdsArticle2021-07-08
2021-06-2114Bill Binney & Dr. Katherine HortonYouTube-Dr. Katherine HortonGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyCIA, Targeted Individuals, ImplantsVideo2021-07-28
2020-12-0514Artificial intelligence conference - Vladimir PutinThe SakerGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyRussia, AI Conference, TechnocracyArticle2021-09-22
2021-06-2514A 'Leap' toward Humanity's DestructionThe Alt WorldGeopoliticsScience & TechnologySpaceWellcome Trust, DARPA, Covid, Silicone Valley, Transhumanism, Creepy TechArticle2021-07-07
2021-09-0715What if Elizabeth Holmes stole a sample of SARS-CoV-1 and created Theranos as a front for developing Covid?TwitterGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyTheranos, Blood Sampling, Creepy Tech, Trial, Holmes, CovidTweet2021-09-09
2021-07-1215WHO issues new recommendations on human genome editing for the advancement of public healthWHOGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthHuman Genome, Public Health, Global RecommendationsArticle2021-07-28
2021-07-0615mRNA Vaccine Inventor Erased From History BooksMercolaGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, mRNA, CensorshipArticle2021-07-07
2021-06-0415Dr. Simone Gold at the German Corona Committee - May 28 2021OdyseeGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, mRNAVideo2021-07-21
2021-03-2715Brain Chipped Crispr Cast 9 Super Soldiers-Let's Take a LookBitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologySuper Soldiers, Transhumanism,Video2021-09-14
2021-03-1715This Is Not Science Fiction. Israeli Researchers Have Grown an Embryo Outside the WombHaaretzGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyIsrael, Human Embryo, Artifical Wombs, TranshumanismArticle2021-09-16
2021-09-168, 16TASS: Brics Nations Sign Satellite Data Sharing AgreementGiza Death StarGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyBRICS, Global Satellites, Data SharingArticle2021-09-16
2021-08-3017Node 2 | Space Station 360 (in French with English subtitles available)The European Space AgencyScience & TechnologySpaceNode 2, France, Space StationArticle, Video2021-09-02
2021-08-2417US Space Command Achieves Initial Operational CapabilityAir Force MagazineGeopoliticsSpaceSpace, US Command, IOCArticle2021-09-15
2021-07-0717Satellite imagery company Planet Labs is going public, backed by Google, BlackRock and Marc BenioffCNBCGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyPlanets Labs, IPO, Blackrock, Google, Marc BenioffArticle2021-07-20
2021-08-1617U.S. Space Force establishes Space Systems Command in CaliforniaUPISpaceSpace Force, Space Systems, CAArticle2021-08-19
2021-07-1617Interview 1651 -New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato: Story #1: NATO Says Attack In Space Could Trigger Article 5 Mutual Defense ClauseThe Corbett ReportGeopoliticsScience & TechnologySpaceFood & HealthNATO, Article 5 Clause, Afghan WarVideo2021-07-18
2021-09-0118Army Flight Surgeon Urges Pentagon To Ground Pilots Who Took COVID InjectionThe Sun CoastGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthArmy, Flight Surgeon, Pentagon, Pilots, Covid, Vaccines, Blood Clots;Article2021-09-30
2021-09-2718Johnson & Johnson: 'Kids Shouldn't Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;'There are 'Unknown Repercussions'YouTubeGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthProject Veritas, FDA, Vaccines, Whistleblowers, J&J, ChildrenVideo2021-09-29
2021-09-2618Lithuania-the Devil's own experimental gulagJohn PlatinumgossGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, Lithuania,Article2021-09-27
2021-09-2518Cops for Cov TruthAustralian National ReviewGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthAustralia, Covid, Lockdown, Vaccine Mandates, Police Officers, PushbackArticle2021-09-26
2021-09-2418Affidavit of LTC. Theresa Long MD In Support of a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction OrderDeep CaptureGeopoliticsAffidavit, Theresa LongArticle2021-09-26
2021-09-2418Update: CDC director overrules advisers and approves Pfizer booster shots for millions of people in high-risk jobsPoynterGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Approval, BoosterArticle2021-09-26
2021-09-2418UK on brink of joining EU Covid vaccine passport schemeThe TelegraphGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthUK, EU, Covid, Vaccine, Vaccine PassportsArticle2021-09-27
2021-09-2418Once Upon A Time...... in a not-so-tiny nation called SpainThe Market TickerGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Early TreatmentArticle2021-09-27
2021-09-2318Israel TV Drops the bombshellTwitterGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Passports, Israel,Video, Tweet2021-09-25
2021-09-2218FDA Official: 'Blow Dart'African Americans with COVID Vaccine is 'Where We're Going...Just Shoot Everyone'…Calls for a ''Nazi Germany'Style'Registry of Unvaccinated Americans: 'Think About It Lie Jewish Star'Project VeritasGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, FDA, Invesigating ReportingArticle, Video2021-09-24
2021-09-2218Professor Richard Werner Drops Hard Truths On The Rebel Capitalist ShowGeorge GammonEconomy & Financial MarketsPrecious Metals & CurrenciesGeopoliticsBanking, Money Creation, Fractional Reserve TheoryArticle, Video2021-09-24
2021-09-2218Study: Government's Own Data Reveals That At Least 150,000 Probably Dead In U.S. Following Covid-19 Vaccines by Brian ShilhavyEarth NewspaperGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccine, Covid Deaths, Vaccine Deaths, FDAArticle2021-09-24
2021-09-2118James O'Keefe & HHS Insider Jodi O'Malley discuss #CovidVaxExposed Part 1 Facebook/Instagram RemovalYouTubeGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthProject Veritas, FDA, Vaccines, Whistleblowers, Censorship Video2021-09-23
2021-09-2118MK-Ultra and the Covid VaccinesBitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Mass Psychosis. MK-UltraVideo2021-09-24
2021-09-2018President of Croatia: The Media Spread Panic and Nonsense. We Will Not Be Vaccinated Anymore.BitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Media Lies, PushbackVideo2021-09-23
2021-09-2018Do Face Masks Reduce COVID-19 Spread in Bangladesh? Are the Abaluck et al. Results Reliable?Denis RancourtGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Masks, Mask Mandates, Data Research2021-09-22
2021-09-1918Murder Inc: Project Veritas Claims Insiders From Fed Govt, Pharma, FDA and More Making Stunning Admissions About Covid Shots "In Their Own Words"Celia Farber- SubstackGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthProject Veritas, FDA, Vaccines, WhistleblowersArticle2021-09-22
2021-09-1918Melbourne. Construction workers have reportedly attacked trade union boss John Setka, for refusing to acknowledge their protests against forced vaccinationsTwitterGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthAustralia, Covid, Lockdown, Biofascism, Melborne, Vaccine Mandates, Construction Workers Tweet2021-09-23
2021-09-1818Vaccine Report From Dr. ZolenkoDr. ZolenkoGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Deaths, Vaccine RolloutResearch2021-09-18
2021-09-1718Executive Order on Adding Measles to the List of Quarantinable Communicable DiseasesThe White HouseGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthBiden, EO, Measles, QuarantineArticle2021-09-22
2021-09-1718The Dangers of Covid-19 Booster Shots and Vaccines: Boosting Blood Clots and Leaky VesselsDoctors for Covid EthicsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthBiden, Covid, Vaccines, Booster, Blood ClotsResearch2021-09-22
2021-09-1718Oregon Senators File Grand Jury Petition Alleging CDC, FDA Violated Federal Law by Inflating COVID Death DataThe DefenderGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Covid Deaths, Petition, CDC, FDA, Data, PushbackArticle2021-09-22
2021-09-1718Live blogging the FDA's VRBPAC booster meetingAnthrax VaccineGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Approval, Booster, FDA,Article2021-09-22
2021-09-1718NCAA Student Golfer Has Heart Disease After Covid Shot-Offered Bribe to Silence StoryBitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Reactions, BriberyVideo2021-09-19
2021-09-1718White House Plans To Donate Millions Of COVID Shots After Pfizer Says 'Mysterious' White Particles Are 'Safe'ZerohedgeGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Rollout, Pfizer, White ParticlesArticle2021-09-18
2021-09-1618Father Savvas Agioritis - What is to come for those who are vaxxedBitchueGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Creepy Tech, Vaccine Deaths, Vaccine RolloutVideo2021-09-24
2021-09-1518COVID Vaccine Mandates Wreak Havoc on Healthcare System, WorkforceChildren's Health Defense FundGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccinated Mandates, HealthCare Workers, Walkout, PushbackArticle2021-09-17
2021-09-1518Holocaust In Israel: Leaked Call With Pfizer Scientist Admits Israelis Are Lab Rats Covid ShotsBitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthIsrael, Covid, Vaccines, Pfizer, Lab RatsVideo2021-09-16
2021-09-1518COVID19/11-Mike YeadonOff GaurdianGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, 9/11, Media, Truth MovementArticle, Video2021-09-16
2021-09-1518US Take Action: 22 Govs. will sue to stop Biden's Covid mandate. Where are your elected officials?Autism Action NetworkGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, Biden, Federal Mandates, 22 Gov, PushbackArticle2021-09-16
2021-09-1518Arizona AG sues Biden administration over COVID-19 vaccine mandatesUPIGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, Biden, Federal Mandates, AZ, Lawsuit, PushbackPushbackArticle2021-09-15
2021-09-1418The Meaning of the FDA ResignationsBrownstone InstituteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, FDA, ResignationsArticle2021-09-22
2021-09-1318Elizabeth Warren asks Amazon to suppress books with COVID-19 'misinformation'Fox BusinessGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Politicans, Amazon, Misinformation, Censorship, SuppressionArticle2021-09-16
2021-09-1318Say'No' To the Illegal and Unconstitutional Joe Biden Executive Order Mandating Experimental Injections for 100 Million americans and Demand Congress End All Vaccine Mandates!The National Health FederationGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, Biden, Federal Mandates, Civil Rights, PushbackArticle2021-09-15
2021-09-1318The Great Walkout is starting against the vaccine mandateNo More Fake NewsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, PushbackArticle2021-09-15
2021-09-1218Covid vaccine passports scrapped for winter by Boris JohnsonThe Irish TimesGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, UK, Health Passports, PushbackArticle2021-09-13
2021-09-1118An Articulate Nurse Dealing With COVID Hospitalization Gives Honest Insight About What Really is Happening -Alarming Secondary Confirmation of Details Provided and CitedThe Conservative TreehouseGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Hospitalization, Nurses, Covid Truth, VaccinesArticle, Video2021-09-14
2021-09-0918Ethics Professor Gives One Final Lesson Before Being Fired for Refusing the Covid VaccineLighthouse EconomicsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, PushbackArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0918A BioFascist Coup Was Declared TodayRumbleGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, Biden, Federal Mandates, BioFascistVideo2021-09-09
2021-09-0818Dr. Zelenko- Google Executives Know Not To Take The Poison- They Are Taking HCQ & IvermectinBitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Covid Truth, Covid Cures, Ivermectin, HCQ, GoogleVideo2021-09-15
2021-09-0718Children's Health Defense Sues FDA Over Approval of Pfizer Comirnaty VaccineThe DefenderGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, FDA, Approval, Comirnaty, Pfizer, PushbackArticle2021-09-10
2021-09-0718Long-Term Dangers of Experimental mRNA ShotsBased UndergroundGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccine, mRNA, Vaccine reactions, Long Term RisksArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0718Arizona AG orders Tucson to rescind vaccine mandate for city employees says it violates state law12 NewsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, AZ, AZ AG, PushbackArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0718Long-Term Dangers of Experimental mRNA ShotsBased UndergroundGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccine, mRNA, Vaccine reactions, Long Term RisksArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0718Long-Term Dangers of Experimental mRNA ShotsBased UndergroundGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccine, mRNA, Vaccine reactions, Long Term RisksArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0718Qantas Pilot Speaks Out About Vaccine MandateBitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccine, Vaccine Mandates, Australia, Covid Restrictions, Medical TyrannyVideo2021-09-09
2021-09-0718'Tired of Being Bullied': Ontario mayor objects to mandatory vaccine passportsToronto SunGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Passports, Vaccine Mandates, Ontario Mayor, PushbackArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0718Arizona AG orders Tucson to rescind vaccine mandate for city employees says it violates state law12 NewsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, AZ, AZ AG, PushbackArticle2021-09-09
2021-09-0618Nursing baby died with blood clots, inflamed arteries following mother's Pfizer shot, VAERS report saysLifeSite NewsGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Reactions, Vaccine Deaths, VAERS, Nursing BabyArticle2021-09-10
2021-09-0218How Does CDC Already Know Kids Are Going To Be Paralyzed In Next 4 Months?BitchuteGeopoliticsScience & TechnologyFood & HealthCovid, Vaccines, Vaccine Mandates, Children, Vaccine ReactionsVideo2021-09-13
2021-09-0118Breaking: In a major blow to vaccine efforts, senior FDA leaders stepping downEndPointNewsFood & HealthCovid-19Article2021-09-07
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